Save Canada is a Volunteer Organization
We promote the Free Christian Values
Culture and History of the great white North.
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True North Strong and Free

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We would love to see a Canada where the government is small and the people prosper.
We are young Canadians who have taken up the responsibility of igniting the Canadian youth by awakening them to the corrupt agenda being forced upon them.
We stand against this indoctrination, we stand against the attack on our faith, and we stand against the abolishment of our liberties. The majority of the population kneels to the corrupt system, but not us.
We kneel before God, and before Him alone.
We will never bow to social pressure, we will not break to the threats of the woke mob. We are engaging in legal, political, spiritual, and ideological battles against the evil forces that be. Our objective is to give all youth who are willing to make a stand the connections, platform, and support that they require. We are a call to action, a rallying point for Christian youth. The torch has been passed to us, it is our duty and obligation to make a stand for what is right.
If Christians don’t respond right now, it will be too late.

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Who we are

Save Canada is a youth run Christian organization.
Send us your best pictures of Canadian life to be added in our gallery.

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Johnny Toulaney
"The Muscle"
Josh Alexander
"Student Walkout Leader"
Monty Walker
"Captain Canada"
John Mayo
"The Fittest Person on Earth"
"Saveeeeeee it"

United together by the Truth we can Undo the damage done to our Nation and our People.
God Bless

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention
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