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Save Canada is a volunteer organization with the mission to create the most prosperous and FREE Canada.
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The video above is what inspired me personally to get involved.
The government of Nova Scotia went insane during the pandemic.
Checkout below to see what inspired everyone else to start Save Canada!

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We would love to see Canada become a free republic, where the government is small and the people prosper.

Who we are

A team of passionate Canadians volunteering our time and resources to bring prosperity, Christianity and happiness back to our Country.

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Save Canada is many people across this massive land.
Send us your best pictures of Canadian life to be added in our gallery.

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Zackary McKibbon
"The Runner"
Save it
Morgan May-ham
"Princess Leia"
Johnny Toulaney
"The Muscle"
Josh Alexander
"Student Walkout Leader"
Monty Walker
"Captain Canada"
John Mayo
"The Fittest Person on Earth"
"Saveeeeeee it"
"The Freedom Mapper"

United together by the Truth we can Undo the damage done to our Nation and our People.
God Bless Canada

Axe the taxes, regulations and the grifty politicians who tell us how to live.
Freedom and liberty under God.
Play lots of hockey
Arrest the traitors like Trudeau and Co.
Unite the nation under the maple leaf.
Build the pipelines, refine our oil, clean our water, restore forests,
install small reactors and make energy cheap!!
Make the Government accountable,
tiny and restore the Sacred Honor of the Military.
Canada is worth saving

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Save Canada was inspired by President Trump and his mission to Save America