About Us
Who is Save Canada?
Save Canada is anyone who wants to save our country.
We are a group of undervalued Canadians who got tired of seeing our country collapse.
So we started doing something about it.
We started with what we were missing most - social groups.
Then we realized that by following our hearts, we were unintentionally building a social structure that could even endure lockdowns and the rapid collapse of our society.
Now we have a bold mission - to Save Canada. As the old world collapses, we are building a new one.
No doom, no fear, only action and vision for a beautiful Canada, by and for the people.
We live in one of the most amazing places on earth - so let’s act like it.
Do you feel like you fit the Save Canada mission? DM us, we would be happy to help you build the Canada of your dreams.
We have already won, we just need to let the people know.