Helping The Homeless

July 26, 2021

I don’t know about you, but I drive by so many homeless people I can barely keep track.

I visited East Hastings in Vancouver this year and was immediately driven to volunteer.

Travelling across the country was shocking. \

In Edmonton I saw a massive tent city, just south of the downtown!

When I lived in Montreal I saw hundreds of homeless people camped under the awning at the Hudson’s Bay Store. Homeless folks took over a third of my local metro station!

Then coming back to Halifax, and there was a tent city here too! And the government kicked them out just a few days ago.

Not acceptable. Meet Scott Baker. Scott almost ended up homeless himself, and since then he’s been disgusted by how so many people are allowed to live in inhuman ways. Scott is here to change this. Scott and professional architect Bill Johnson have designed a homeless shelter to house every homeless person in Halifax - over 300 at last count and growing. We’ve built massive building projects, startup companies, social movements before, and now we’re turning our energy to SAVING CANADA

Now we need your help. We are building a new Canada, by and for the people. The government isn’t fixing the problems, so we are. Donate below and we can house every homeless person. This is one more step toward a new, reborn Canada. Helping the helpless.

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