July 26, 2021

Canada is in bad shape.

We have no freedom

Our currency is devalued

Our people are jobless

Our lives barely have meaning

Our cultural fabric is disintegrating

But this isn’t new. And, a new world is being born from the old.

A new world is coming from the old. The system has slowly been collapsing on us for years, and people have been tolerating it. Wages have been stagnant since the 80’s, central banks have been siphoning our wealth for hundreds of years, and people have been either unaware or didn’t care.

Our media has been taken from us, our culture is being shaken up in every way.

People look at the issues in the world and there is always someone to blame.



Liberals vs. Conservatives

Capitalism vs. Communism

It goes on and on… There are infinite ways to divide us.

But there is only one way to unite.

Save Canada started during the depths of the COVID 19 situation. We have been formed around the idea that regardless of what you believe about the events of the last year, there is a deeper truth. Beyond the conspiracies, the division, the facts and the lies… there is potential for unity.

We started as a motley group of friends in a Facebook chat. All across the country and even in other countries, we dug into what was happening. Viruses, elections, human trafficking… it’s a lot to figure out. A lot of controversy.

And we’re not about controversy. We’ve all tried taking sides, taking political opinions. Then we realized that approach didn’t work and tried finding uniting factors. It was very hard.

We realized pushing our views on other people doesn’t work. And we got closer as a group. We started exploring how to unite people. We realized it was better to build with people who share our goals and missions.

We started realizing that there are some universal truths. There are immutable laws of the universe, there are other dimensions of life that we can’t see or feel. And we started changing our own lives - often without even trying.

Something magic happened.

We came into alignment.

And as our little group started to fall into alignment, we started building things. We’re a diverse group, so we started building everything from religious groups, sporting groups… We took what we were missing most in society - social lives - and we created them with people who were open, truthful and aligned with their true calling regardless of what society told us was right. 

Society is sick, so we followed the only things we knew - our hearts.

We started having group events, parties, get-togethers. And we grew. We grew from 5, to 10, then all of a sudden magic started happening. Amazing people started showing up in our lives, and it seemed like every time we needed something it came to us. 

All of a sudden we were more than a social group - we were attracting bright people who want to rebuild our country.

All of this has been very tough - we’ve been arrested, targeted, and lost many friends over our choice to follow our hearts.

But this has been the best possible decision. By following our hearts and growing exactly the lives we have always dreamed of living, we are well on our way to create a new Canada.

Society is crumbling, and we are here to stop the fall, cut the corruption, and rebuild Canada by the people and for the people.

Save Canada is not “us”. It is for everyone. This movement exists to help you express your true self.

Most of us - many of our group are very successful - know we don’t fit in. We see problems in society.

What separates us is that we are working to fix them.

We don’t waste time dooming, we don’t complain, we just act.

Save Canada has no ego. We simply help raise up undervalued Canadians. We have received so much from this great country and it is time to give back.

If you are an undervalued Canadian, and you want to help build a bright new future - reach out. We will help you however we can. We have connections, funding and massive energy and a vision for how great our country can be.

We are here to Save Canada. We have already won, we just need to let the people know. 

Thank you to everyone who is out there saving our country.

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